Feeding the Gulf Coast believes that our commitment to diversity and inclusion is woven into our values and reflected in our Board of Directors, staff, partners, and the people we serve. We support and actively aim to create an inclusive environment that embraces all, regardless of race, gender identity, experience, economic status, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation.

Those struggling with hunger along the Central Gulf Coast are at the center of our actions and decisions. We recognize that systemic injustices exist and that these create and perpetuate conditions that sustain poverty and hunger. We will confront oppression and poverty by developing hunger solutions which are community-driven, honoring a diversity of needs, and valuing everyone.

Feeding America, our national affiliate, includes in its core values “collaboration, accountability, respect, excellence, and social justice.” While feeding the hungry is the most important duty for our organization, we seek to do so with fairness and in a just manner. Our core values exist to create a serving culture where everyone feels accepted and appreciated.

We condemn any acts of discrimination, exclusion, or intolerance, and we commit to stand in support of any marginalized community as we strive towards our vision of a hunger-free Gulf Coast. We will continue to seek ways to do better, to be better and to always be part of the solution.

We are all stronger together!